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About Us

SCS Telcom's team has been fulfilling the telephone systems needs of businesses in Houston and surrounding area with reliable and feature-rich systems. We believe that a telephone system should complement your workflow, rather than force you to conform to its capabilities. With clientele represented across nearly every industry, you can be confident that together, we can design and install the right telecom system for your company. Our experience and know-how make Steadfast the go-to company for your VoIP Telephone system.

  • Fiber Internet
  • Voip Phone
  • Phone Equipment
  • Speed good for 6-8 devices at the same time
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Why SCS Telcom?

4G LTE backup

If the power or Internet goes out, our automatic 4G LTE backup kicks in

Business Security

Help protect your business from harmful cybersecurity threats across all connected devices.

Additional Phone lines

Get the right number of lines for your business plus call-forwarding mobility features.